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The science of medicine is forever changing. Data from medical research and best evidences in clinical practice cause a paradigm shift which overtime results to changes in clinical interventions, drug therapy, treatment modalities, and diagnostic approaches. The 23rd Annual Rio Grande Valley Medical Education Conference & Exposition is designed to provide primary care physicians with concise and authoritative information on the most up-to-date treatment of problems frequently encountered yet conundrums in practice. Great efforts were taken to select faculty who are in the cutting edge in medical research, practice, and education to present lectures and provide in-depth understanding of the most current medical therapy, novel treatment, and diagnostic approaches to fill in the identified “practice gaps”.

Educational methods used to present the selected subject matters will include lectures, case studies, audiovisual presentation, e-proceeding, and audience participation at sessions for questions-and-answers.

For more information on the 23rd Annual Rio Grande Valley Medical Education Conference & Exposition, click here.